WiFi Liberator beams pay-per-use access to others gratis

While we've already seen methods to bring subscription-based outdoor WiFi into the home, and the miracle of finding gratis internet access is quickly covering more and more of the world, there's still quite a few places (and companies) who feel that browsing the world wide web is a privilege reserved for the impulse buyer. In an effort to distribute pay-per-use WiFi to anyone sans cost, and to potentially get yourself in hot water all the while, the WiFi Liberator Toolkit is a open-source hardware / software tandem that opens up "private wireless nodes to encourage the proliferation of free networks and connectivity across the planet." The primary goal is to essentially force pay internet providers to offer up their services for free, and by installing a free application (OS X users only, for now) and connecting a USB-based WiFi adapter, you too can release locked WiFi from its chains while possibly getting yourself locked up. So if you're looking to nab a bit of free wireless after T-Mobile shuts off its promo here in just a few months, click on through to the read link and free free to get a little rebellious.

[Via BoingBoing]