Readers pick best webcomic and hate Mario Party

Ross Miller
R. Miller|02.06.07

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Readers pick best webcomic and hate Mario Party
I know what at least three of you are saying out there: "how can you hate Mario Party? It's so fun and non-repetitive and I own all seven versions!" Well calm down there, skipper, because not everyone thinks video board games are the greatest thing since non-video board games.

Julian's hands-on with Mario Party 8 sent Penny Arcade's Gabe into a frenzy and subsequently became the most popular gaming comic this week. Second place went to Fanboys Online and third place was claimed by Qwantz, even though we mistakenly linked to the picture and not the comic / news page (thanks, karmaghost). Be sure to congratulate Qwantz artist Ryan North, as his comic turned four years old as of February 1st!

Thanks to everyone who voted, and be sure to let us know of any game-related webcomics you stumble upon this week!

Here's the breakdown:

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