Dwarves don' speak wi' Scottish accents, ya wee man!

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|02.07.07

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Elizabeth Wachowski
February 7, 2007 4:24 PM
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Dwarves don' speak wi' Scottish accents, ya wee man!

There are some things in WoW that are blindingly obvious, and yet you never realize them until someone points them out. Apolos of Norgannon brings up one of these topics when he asks the WoW General Forums, "Why do dwarves have Scottish accents?"

I had never actually noticed that before, although I'd realized that the trolls (Jamaican) and the draenei (Russian) both have accents that are analogous to nationalities on Earth. Drysc said that since there's no such place as Scotland in Azeroth, the dwarven accent is clearly Dwarven and not Scottish, which seems to be circular reasoning to me. Other people point out that the dwarves live in Loch Modan and have a Nessy swimming around, and postulate that since fantasy dwarves usually have Scottish trappings for some reason, this has carried over to WoW.

Aside from trolls, dwarves and draenei, the rest of the races of Azeroth don't seem to have clear accents. The gnomes sound bright and enterprising, the blood elves sound like they would have laughed at you for playing video games in high school, and most of the Horde sounds like they smoked two packs a day ever since arriving in Kalimdor. Unfortunately, no one seems to have a New York accent, which seems like it would be an awesome thing for, say, the undead.

Why do dwarves have Scottish accents? Can you place the voices of any of the other races of Azeroth, or are they just generic fantasy voices?

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