News flash: Microsoft still publishing Alan Wake

Kyle Orland
K. Orland|02.07.07

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News flash: Microsoft still publishing Alan Wake

The gaming blogosphere has been absolutely abuzz over the past few days over reports that Remedy's psychological thriller Alan Wake has been picked up by Microsoft and will be published exclusively on the Xbox 360 and PC. This story isn't odd because it's untrue, it's odd because we've known about it for months.

While Microsoft announced a publishing deal with Finland's Remedy Entertainment back at E3 2006, the relationship is getting a new focus now thanks to an article in Finland's Helsingin Sanomat. While there's nothing really newsworthy in the article, it does take an interesting look at the challenges of an American company working with a Finnish developer. But that headline doesn't really pop, so we'll follow the lead of our blogging brethren and hype up some news that was already old six months ago. Hooray!

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