360 Thief calls tech support, gets busted

A 14 year old Kiwistole an Xbox 360 but neglected to grab the power brick, as it was most likely too heavy for a clean getaway. So, the next day, he called the local tech support, and requested a new one, in the process giving the hot 360's serial number, his name, phone number, and address so that Microsoft New Zealand could mail him a new one. When the victim contacted MS, and gave his stolen console's SN, they informed him it had already been registered and they have the culprit's personal info, but couldn't reveal any information due to their privacy policy. The victim went to the police, who then contacted MS, and found that the only way they could get the information was through a court order. Only then were they able to make an arrest. Although, if we were in his shoes we probably would have just forked over the cash for another adapter.

[Via DC Emu]