Ring of Death: An Xbox 360 story -- Part 2

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Ring of Death: An Xbox 360 story -- Part 2

Previously on Ring of Death: For the second time in a colleague's ownership of his Xbox 360, the red Ring of Death paid him a visit. Unable to watch HD-DVDs or play games (Xbox is all he owns), he waited patiently for his box to arrive from Microsoft. Exactly "five business days" later, that's seven normal days (including weekend) for the rest of us, his return box arrived.

So, now the Xbox 360 gets packed up for its trip to McAllen, Texas; where the Green Jay is the official city bird and Mayor Richard F. Cortez presides. Microsoft is also kind enough to place very detailed instructions (found after the break) on how to return an Xbox back to them for repairs. We do wonder how many people forget to take out their hard drive, even though it is quite explicit that one should remove everything from the cold, dead, husk of the unit. Off she goes tomorrow, back to McAllen, from where she came only less than a year ago. Tomorrow we begin the count to see when she returns ... bon voyage!

On a side note, TeamXbox still wins the best of the worst story award, following an incident last year when they received a damaged unit directly from the repair center. Hopefully Microsoft has worked out the kinks in their refurbished units since last year.

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