Nokia teams up with an unfaithful YouTube for Nseries vids

It looks like YouTube Mobile is going to be busting free from its Vodafone-owned carrier exclusivity sooner rather than later. YouTube and Nokia are bragging about the addition of Nokia as a YouTube "global partner" today at 3GSM, with no mention of nasty carrier agreements in sight. All new Nokia Nseries phones will be able to access YouTube Mobile from the built-in web browser -- which with its Safari / WebKit roots probably isn't much of a stretch anyways -- along with being able to subscribe to YouTube video RSS feeds with the new Nokia Video Center, which is designed to manage sideloaded PC vids, internet video and RSS video subscriptions all in one place on multimedia phones such as the N95 and N93i. The press release claims that YouTube Mobile, with the newly added AVC video format for Nokia compatibility, is available now, so fire up that S60 phone of yours and let us know how it works.