Startup claims to be working on a, um, Zune-killer

For those music lovers out there who were eagerly awaiting entry into "the social" only to find out that the Zune's WiFi-enabled sharing feature was gimmicky at best, all hope is not lost: according to Wired News, a San Diego-based startup is poised to release a DAP that will not only let users get their share on, but actually enable direct-to-device downloads as well. While this as-yet-unnamed product sounds an awful lot like the promising-but-flawed MusicGremlin, the industry vets behind Broadband Instruments -- former Diamond Multimedia (makers of the Rio) boss Jim Cady, former MusicMatch CEO Dennis Mudd, and former iRiver America chief executive Jonathan Sasse -- may have enough experience and clout among them to ensure a successful implementation where others have previously faltered. Besides the wireless features, the BI device is also said to offer "a new type of integration with online radio stations," although so far details on this and other functionality remain under wraps. What we do know for certain is that "traditional USB connections will (only) play a minor role in getting content to your device," and that this content will come from a proprietary service, reflecting the Apple- and Microsoft-led trend to develop vertically integrated ecosystems. So when will we learn more? Wired claims that all the pertinent details will be revealed within the next two months, so if you're in the market for a new DAP, see if you can't hold out just a little longer (or buy from an outfit with a very lenient return policy).