Goodbye HTC Athena, hello HTC Advantage

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Goodbye HTC Athena, hello HTC Advantage
While Athena was far from the worst product name we've come across, HTC seems to think they can do one better, using the 3GSM conference to officially rebrand the desirable device as the HTC Advantage. Apart the spiffy new moniker, however, the Windows Mobile-based device remains otherwise unchanged, with that same 5-inch VGA display, Intel PXA270 624 MHz processor, 8GB hard drive, 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS, not to mention tri-band HSDPA and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity. Of course, this isn't the first identity crisis that the device has suffered, with it already once undergoing a name change at T-Mobile's behest, who found the friendly-sounding Ameo more to their liking. In case you haven't seen enough of the device yet, you can check out another pic it sans keyboard after the break, and click through to HTC's newly-launched Advantage website for product shots aplenty, including a hypnotizing 360° view.

[Via Laptoping]
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