NVIDIA launches "low-end" 320MB GeForce 8800 GTS

If you find it rather appalling that a $300 graphics card is on the budget end of things these days -- back in our day that was the price of a next-gen console, now get off our lawn! -- you might be comforted to know that NVIDIA's 320MB 8800 GTS ain't no sloucher. Sure, the 500MHz G80 core is stepped down from the 575MHz in the GTX, with the 320MB of memory falling far short of the 768MB in the GTX or even the 640MB in the beefier version of the GTS, but you're still getting a whole lot of DirectX 10 juice for your dollar, relative to the $600+ GTX and $400+ 640MB GTS. If you're still having trouble justifying the price, just google yourself a few Crysis screenshots -- there won't be any turning back. Be sure to peep the uniformly awkward OEM box art after the break.

[Via TrustedReviews]

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