Magnetism-based monster collecting game from Namco Bandai

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Magnetism-based monster collecting game from Namco Bandai
A DS game is on its way to Japan featuring something new to a Nintendo system -- a gimmick. Entitled Treasure Gaust: Gaust Diver (and coming in "Crimson Red" and "Deep Blue" versions -- thanks for that trend, Pokémon), the game is based on a popular Japanese handheld toy that requires kids to hunt magnetic fields; when they find one, it apparently generates some kind of trainable monster (thanks for that trend too, Pokémon.) Insert Credit, in their report on the game, equated it with the old Barcode Battler toy, which made Campbell's Soup labels mm, mm, powerful for like one whole summer.

While we question the wisdom in training children to intentionally expose their electronics to magnets, we love the idea of using video games to give little practical physics lessons, and we love the idea of tying the real world into gameplay in unexpected ways. This game makes a nice companion piece to the momentum-based Wii game we're working on, TV Buster.

[via Insert Credit]
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