Nikon announces S50, S50c, S200, and S500

Ryan Block
R. Block|02.20.07

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Ryan Block
February 20th, 2007
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Nikon announces S50, S50c, S200, and S500

We've got a slew of new Nikon cams tonight, so let's get this thing rolling. First up we have the S50, S50c, 7.2 megapixel / 3x shooters with 3-inch screens, OIS, 1600 ISO, best shot selector, in camera red-eye repair, but the S50c has WiFi for email, image storage, and the rest of the fun stuff you can do with Nikon's Coolpix Connect 2 service. These will be available in April for $300 and $350.

The S200, and S500 are slightly less sophisticated, but look to be quality cameras all the same. You've got 7.1 megapixel / 3x optics, electronic image stabilization, up to 2000 ISO, 2.5-inch displays, best shot selector, in and camera red-eye repair. The S500 steps up over the S200's aluminum body with its own stainless steel finish (how DeLorean -- shown above), as well as an anti-shake button that engages high ISO mode, image stabilization, and best shot selector at the same time. These will hit in March for $250 and $300.

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