Hour of Victory screens and box art

David Dreger
D. Dreger|02.20.07

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Hour of Victory screens and box art
Midway's upcoming World War II themed shooter Hour of Victory has the UK box art, first screenshots and some concept art and renders available for your viewing. The game will be an Xbox 360 exclusive and at the very least doesn't look ugly. We'll have to wait an see from a gameplay standpoint and how it looks when in motion if it's really worth your time. So far it seems to be taking steps in the right direction from a visual standpoint. Some of the commenters at the source were giving it the "meh" treatment since we have our Call of Duty and Brothers in Arms. We're going to wait and see before we pass judgement, though. That being said, do you think we're getting swamped with World War II titles, or is this right up your alley for the setting of a first person shooter?
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