Man attempts to steal Wiimote, assaults security

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Man attempts to steal Wiimote, assaults security

Remember how we used to say that our console was the better one because it didn't incite violence among its fanbase? That was fun while it lasted. Now all we have to go on is the price and selection of games.

37-year-old Kazunari Tanaka is accused of trying to shoplift a Wiimote and a CD from a Bic Camera in Nagoya, Japan. When security guards accosted him, he (allegedly) started punching, leaving both guards injured.

We won't blame the Wii for this crime, although we're sure someone will. People shoplift every day.
The Wii doesn't inspire crimes against anything but televisions (against which it instills a murderous rage).

[Via NeoGAF; thematically appropriate image taken from this post]
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