Rumor mill roundup

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Andrew Yoon
February 21st, 2007
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Rumor mill roundup
While regular readers of PSP Fanboy are already in the know, there are still a ton of "rumors" spreading around the web, and Pocket Gamer has gone through all of them, commenting on the likelihood of each. In the "yes" category, we have upcoming features like Skype support and enhanced PS3 connectivity. Also in the "yes" category is an upcoming God of War for PSP.

Other tidbits which are likely include nVidia's work on a PSP2 and a partnership with Yahoo. Less likely is a hard drive revised PSP. And in the "no" category? A PSP phone ... and the death of the PSP. Like the article states, "there is no reason to see the PSP as anything but Sony's successful entry into the handheld world. With some 25 million sold, Sony will definitely not throw the investment away without at least trying its luck in round two."
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