Boycott International Shutdown Day!

It seems that a pair of men named Dennis Bystrov and Michael Taylor -- bitter victims of the bubble, we suspect -- want to perform a social experiment wherein people all over the world boycott computers for an entire day; willing participants are encouraged to click a pledge of sorts on the International Shutdown Day website promising to forgo any and all PC usage on March 24th.

Hold on there, big guy. You want us to STOP using computers for a day? How about we all decide to hold our breath for 24 hours, too? Yeah, that's right, we're not giving up our gadgets for anyone. We know that some day our computers will kill us (either by rising up against us or by getting us so sucked into a six day-long WoW marathon that we forget to eat), but hey, you gotta die from something right? At least we'll go out knowing we spent every waking moment indoors doing something worthwhile like reading RSS feeds and downloading porn. Those are truly the hallmarks of a life well-spent, wouldn't you agree? Anyway, we're going to show the Blame Computers First crowd what's what and use our computers TWICE as much on March 24th -- even if that means grabbing two machines and then typing with our fingers and toes at the same time.