Spidey 3 producer talks controls for Wii

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Treyarch's last outing with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man provided a great fan service in digitally recreating Manhatten and letting players swing about the city to their heart's content. The other stuff ... well, nobody really cared that much. Treyarch looks to recreate the fun of swinging about the city, but also provide more value to the gamer this time around. In speaking with IGN, they talked about the game across all platforms, providing a small glimpse into how it will control on the Wii.

Executive Producer Chris Archer reveals "The Wii controller, we literally use it to swing. Both hands. You're using it to swing and do web attacks and hand-to-hand combat and things like that. It seems really cool." Wow, that actually sounds like a lot of fun, wouldn't you say? Before, in Spider-Man 2, the web-slinging felt so good, maybe it'll even be more immersive and fun this time around. What say you all?
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