Wii Dead or Alive possible?

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Wii Dead or Alive possible?
Computer and Video Games asked Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki about the possibility of putting his franchises on the Wii, and, while no concrete information was given, Itagaki indicated that he had at least thought about it. Specifically, he was inspired by Wii Sports Boxing to think about Wii fighting games. It doesn't take much of a leap to conclude that if Itagaki and Team Ninja make a fighting game for the Wii (and they should!) then the words "Dead" and "Alive" will somehow figure into the title.

Dead or Alive is fine-- we admit that we've bought every version of Dead or Alive 2 that's been released in the US for some reason-- but what we want to see is Ninja Gaiden. We can't believe we haven't thought about how awesome Wii controls in fast-paced 3D action games would be, but now we can't stop daydreaming about it. Of course, it's possible that whatever the new franchise is that he's planning could end up being a Wii action game in a new setting.

[Via Game|Life]
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