Final Fantasy XIII gets a battle director!

The battle director for Final Fantasy XIII has been named this day. The honor goes to Toshiro Tsuchida -- the very same guy who was the battle director for Final Fantasy X and has been involved with all the Front Mission games. Does this mean we can expect a turn-based battle system with strategy elements? According to Tetsuya Nomura, no. No it does not.

Nomura has given a few details on the battle system and if memory serves, many of us at PS3Fanboy had guessed the system before it was announced. Anyway, Nomura said the fights will resemble those in Kingdom Hearts (hopefully less button-mashing, more strategy...) with a bit of a third-person shooter features tossed in. It seems each weapon will have a separate camera and control system. Could you imagine Sora using a dozen different types of weapons each with completely unique move sets? That would be a lot of crap to micromanage. And Nick loves his micromanaging.