FotoNation embeds red-eye reduction for that cellphone cam

Brian White
B. White|03.03.07

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FotoNation embeds red-eye reduction for that cellphone cam
Are you that avid cellphone cam user who snatches a dozen nocturnal photos a day to wirelessly upload to that Flickr or other photo blog account? If you use the measly flash found on most cellphone cams these days, dontcha' wish there was a way to have that nasty red-eye effect taken out before your precious photos ended up on the global net of photos? It's a pity when you have to download that sweet pic into PhotoShop, Picasa or some other app just to wipe that red-eye out. That concern will be a non-issue to many cellphone cam users shortly if FotoNation gets its way. The online imaging company has announced its "Red-Eye Correction Technology" (snazzy name, eh?) it hopes will be soon embedded into the firmware of most cellphones.
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