Best Buy's secret intranet site exposed

Those looking for a good buy, nay, the best buy, would be wise to note Best Buy's recently exposed secret intranet site, allegedly used to prevent customers from reaping the benefits of discounts advertised on Two Connecticut stores denied customers of discounted prices advertised on by referencing the visually identical intranet site, which doesn't always reflect the lowest prices. The site, quickly disclosed by a local publication, was then put under investigation, yielding vague answers from Best Buy and no clear explanation of why it even exists. Best Buy issued a statement assuring their intent was not to mislead the customer and that they are "reminding [their] employees how to access the external web site to ensure customers are receiving the best possible product price." Whether or not Best Buy encourages the ol' switcharoo is still up in the air, with local officials' investigations being hindered by BestBuy's "fuzzy responses" -- but something tells us they're not to be trusted.

[Via Techmeme]