Japanese hardware sales, Feb. 19 - Feb. 25: text adventure edition

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Japanese hardware sales, Feb. 19 - Feb. 25: text adventure edition
You wake up disoriented, in a dark room. You have no idea where you are.


It's a dark room. You can't see anything. We know you're disoriented, but do try to keep up.

>look exits

Fine. Okay. You stumble around the room until you find a wall. Keeping one hand on the wall, you walk the perimeter of the room, looking for doors. You find a door on the east side of the room. You also find a key hanging from a hook on the wall. And by "find" we mean "get poked by." We hope you find some Neosporin on this adventure.

>advise readers to click post break

>take key

You pick up the key.


You have a key.

>go east

You trace your route back to the door you found earlier. You find the knob and turn it, expecting it to be locked. It is not. You turn the knob and open the door. You go into the room.


This room is as dark as before, because those are the easiest kinds of rooms to describe in text adventures. Seriously, you can't see a thing, except a softly glowing orb in the northwest corner. It is giving off an eerie white light that is not nearly bright enough to illuminate the room.

>look orb

Excited about the treasure you see before you, you run toward the northwest corner of the room. You trip over 59 Game Boy Advances and fall directly into a pile of 136,128 DS Lites. You have died before you could even use your key.

- DS Lite: 136,128 718 (0.52%)
- PSP: 100,210 65,705 (190.42%)
- Wii: 78,506 14,888 (23.40%)
- PS3: 19,315 1,361 (6.58%)
- PS2: 15,054 1,138 (7.03%)
- Xbox 360: 4,183 1,027 (19.71%)
- GBA SP: 1,035 192 (22.78%)
- Game Boy Micro: 907 46 (4.83%)
- Gamecube: 323 24 (6.92%)
- DS Phat: 132 21 (13.73%)
- GBA: 59 19 (47.50%)

[Source: Joystiq]
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