Unlock Japanese Bullet Witch content

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|03.04.07

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Unlock Japanese Bullet Witch content
If you've purchased Bullet Witch you may be wondering where the additional free content is that the Japanese have. If not, you should know that in Japan they can download free costumes and additional missions, something that the States don't have access to yet. The short answer is that the content is already on the game itself, but isn't "unlocked" yet via a Marketplace key download. But don't fret guys, the fine folks over at Sekiria.com have found a workaround so you too can have the additional (somewhat Japan exclusive) costumes and missions. All you need is the Datel Transfer Kit, export and rename a few files, and shazaam ... instant additional content. Of course it really isn't worth purchasing the transfer kit just for this, but if you already own it we'd give this little hack a whirl. Chalk one up for the the free-content-workaround mavens, they are a good hearted and knowledgeable bunch.

[Thanks, Jake C.]
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