Five new XBLA games shown, no Mizuguchi

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Five new XBLA games shown, no Mizuguchi

Serious cat is looking to make some more appearances in the future for XBLA Wednesdays. For as much as Wednesday is supposed to be all about Microsoft and arcade, we just haven't seen it. In a behind closed door meeting with Microsoft Casual Games' group manager, Bryan Trussel, and product unit manager, Chris Early, they showed off what's coming to the arcade.

The Microsoft Casual Games' division name is a bit of a misnomer. With the expansion of 50 MB to 150 MB, the door opens to less-than-casual games, with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night being the prime example.
Chris Early says, "From a player's standpoint it's about quick access ... I guess the way we look at a casual or arcade title is more about approachability, not a question of game length. It's do you need a manual to get into it, is it something you can get into and start playing relatively quickly ... something you can get gratification from instantly?"

New games coming to the system were Jetpac: Refuelled, a graphically enhanced version of the classic game Jetpac. Minigolf Adventures, which plays like a quirky arcade golf game and certainly has the expansion possibilities already built in. Eets: Chowdown, a port of the PC puzzle game and Pinball FX -- a pinball game. And, of course, Boom Boom Rocket (800 points). BBR is DDR for your fingers. There is a line at the top of the screen and when the fireworks shooting from every direction reach the line you hit the corresponding button and it explodes. Looks great and addictive. Per usual, other than BBR's price, no other talk about cost or announcement on release dates.

Although confirmed, Miziguichi's port of Every Extend Extra to XBLA was not discussed.

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