Forza Motorsports 2 and the lavish encounter

Jared Rea
J. Rea|03.06.07

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If Forza Motorsport 2 was merely the worlds foremost tire wear and friction monitoring simulation, it would be at the top of its class. Fortunately for those of us who play video games, you get to race around on those tires, though you'll end up obsessing over your tire pressure anyways. Equipped with an impressive four monitor setup (three in panorama and a cute travel monitor posing as a rear-view mirror), the developers at Turn 10 gave us a tour of everything Forza.

The content, however, is in place and looking remarkable. With just about every manufacturer imaginable, full damage modeling for all cars and the most in-depth customization and tuning options outside of greasing it up in your own garage, Forza looks to be a massive step up from its Xbox predecessor. Glossing over previously known details, the setup we played on was one that could only be recreated in some sort of country club league for spoiled youth. When we weren't sliding out of control, the response and feedback from the Microsoft racing wheel felt much better than previously experienced with Project Gotham Racing 3.

With only six weeks of work left, it still has a few layers of polish to go before it's ready for the races.

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