Treo 680 sheds its cam for the biz crowd

Usually it's not all that noteworthy when a popular product drops one of its features, but when that device is the Treo 680, and that feature is the VGA camera, then it's certainly notable to your security-conscious businessfolk. Even though this is the Treo that's supposed to draw in the non-techie consumer -- and even though this SKU is barely advertised -- Brighthand is reporting that a camera-less 680 is indeed available, although you'll have to make a few phone calls if you want to to secure one. As usual, you're gonna pay the same amount whether you want the cam or not, so don't think you're gonna save any loot by forgoing the crappy shooter. Hit the Read link for more details, or more specifically, for actual proof that this mythical creature exists (hint: peep the small footnotes at the bottom of the page).

[Via Brighthand]