Ubisoft confirms TMNT XBLA (Cowabunga!)

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Ubisoft confirms TMNT XBLA (Cowabunga!)
tmntKonami's classic coin-op Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is officially headed to Xbox Live Arcade later this month, courtesy of Ubisoft. With the TMNT movie out on Friday, March 23, we're flagging the preceding Wednesday (March 21) as a likely release date. The Digital Eclipse rendition will feature necessary 2- to 4-player co-op over Xbox Live (let's hope lessons were learned from Contra) -- no word on an "enhanced" mode. Nostalgia seekers will be asked to shell out a 400-point entry fee ($5). What, no limited-time promotion? We're just sayin' ... maybe give us a lil' something for free; we check out the movie; possibly rent the other game ... whad'ya say, Ubi?

Clarification: TMNT will also offer offline multiplayer and can obviously be played alone. We just meant "necessary" online co-op, as in, a 'must-have' feature. And yeah 400 points is also a no-brainer for us -- but it don't hurt to ask for a freebie...

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