Gigabyte unveils U60 UMPC, Centrino Pro notebooks

Gigabyte chose to unveil the products it'll be showing off at CeBit today, and though we had been anticipating the 6.5-inch, Via-powered U60 UMPC Medion-rebadge, the five new Santa Rosa / Centrino Pro-based notebooks come as mostly a surprise. Built around Intel's latest, Merom-specific mobile platform, all five models sport a capacious 10,000mAH eight-hour battery and are loaded up with Vista. The entire spec sheets won't be made available until the show kicks off, but what we do know for now is that the W251U is a 12.1-inch ultraportable with built-in webcam, the W466U and W468N are both 14.1-inch machines -- with the latter offering 256MB NVIDIA NB8P graphics as well as Robson quick-boot technology -- the 15.4-inch W566N sports the same chipset along with Dual-Heatpipe cooling, and the 17-inch W756N is a gaming workhorse with 1GB worth of graphics cards in SLI. Obviously with the lack of details comes a dearth of info on pricing and availability as well, but all that and more should be revealed in just a few short days. [Warning: PDF link].

[Via Core Duo News, thanks Staska]