iScrapbook Pre-order

Some of the women-folk in my family are very much into scrapbooking, and once they get going it's amazing how much they can do. And indeed if you go to a crafts store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby you'll find an enormous selection of scrapbooking supplies. Now, of course, the first time I saw this my first reaction was: you should be doing this on a Mac. After all, it seems like adding masks and various designs to pictures is exactly what page layout programs were designed to do. Unfortunately, most page layout programs are expensive and more complicated than necessary, especially for somebody who just wants to have fun scrapbooking rather than learning Quark, etc. So I'm interested to see that Chronos (of SOHO notes fame) has pre-annouced iScrapbook, a scrapbooking program that integrates a iPhoto browser with a variety of photo masks, "Smart-Shapes," "Special-Effects," and more. SOHO is pre-selling iScrapbook for $29.99, 40% off the regular price, but the program won't actually ship until April and disappointingly there isn't even a beta you can download for testing.

So this has me wondering, dear TUAW readers, do you have a preferred way of doing electronic scrapbooks? How do you print them out: at home or do you export them to PDF and upload them to a printing service?

[Via MacNN]