Epic apologies for the doll misunderstanding

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|03.11.07

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Epic apologies for the doll misunderstanding
The other day we reported that Epic's lawyers were demanding that Emilio Lopez remove all Gears of War related material from his custom Munny doll. You, our fellow fanboys, had varying opinions about the whole thing to whether or not Epic was overacting or if they were within' their rights to send Emilio the letter. Well, we've received some clarity on the situation as Epic's own Mark Rein posted an apology on the official Gears of War forums. Rein acknowledged that their lawyers misunderstood Emilio's work, because they thought it was an actual product for sale using the GoW trademark. Rein went on to say that their lawyers did act over zealously and they now see absolutely no harm in Emilio's Christmas gift, but reinforced that they pursue hundreds of individuals who try captilizing on their trademarks illegally. In the end, no hard feelings and everyone can go their merry way.

We're glad that Epic came clean on this little situation and exposed it for what it was ... a misunderstanding. See, we knew Epic wasn't a corporate machine capable of doing such evil things ... we never doubted them for a second.
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