GDC 07: LocoRoco makes people smile

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GDC 07: LocoRoco makes people smile
GDC 07: LocoRoco makes people smile

Tsutomu Kouno, director of the beloved LocoRoco PSP game, told to an enthralled GDC audience: "I wanted to make a game that was easy to play, so that women and children, and people who have never played games before would be interested in playing it. ... I wanted to use AI to make people laugh. That's why I included actions like the LocoRoco stacking up."

Many of the inspirations for LocoRoco's craziest moments come from observing Discovery Channel-like programming. One character, the Musukusu (pictured), came from watching the antics of one of his tropical fish. He knew that his game was a success when he saw children playing the game, laughing and moving their bodies. Undoubtedly, a PS3 version of the game will meet much success: "I can't tell you now [about a possible PS3 version]. [But] I'm not going to betray your expectations, so you can count on us."

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