Saturday PSP background explosion

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|03.11.07

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Saturday PSP background explosion

Every week we give you new backgrounds for your PSP. In fact, I'm sure some PSP owners change their backgrounds more than their underwear. Much like that disturbing mental image, this week we have a disturbing background, a radical one and one that is fully loaded. What am I talking about? Well you'll have to see the backgrounds for yourself!

Backgrounds after the jump ...

The first background this week is one for Metal Slug Anthology. It uses official art though I did alter it a little bit. I've always loved Metal Slug games and I think this'd make a good background for fellow Metal Slug fans.

TMNT is coming to theaters and PSP this month. I can't say I've enjoyed every Turtles outing, but the recent cartoon (before Fast Forward) was good. I have high hopes for the film.

Finally we end with an anime background and even though I love this show, I can't recommend it for most since it's terribly violent and insane. It's coming to the US under the name When They Cry sometime soon.

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