Blast from the Past: Apple acquires NeXT

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Blast from the Past: Apple acquires NeXT
It's December 20, 1996. Apple has just acquired NeXT in a $400 million deal that brings Steve Jobs back to Apple. Jobs will act as an "advisor" to CEO Gil Amelio, bringing his charisma to the team led by Amelio and Ellen Hancock.

The deal offers $350 million in cash and stock as well as covering about $50 million of NeXT's debts. Apple suggests that it will start shipping products using NeXT's new OS some time in 1997. After abandoning Copland, some had predicted Apple would acquire the Be operating system.

RixStep hosts a copy of the early 1997 letter sent to NeXT customers regarding the Apple/NeXT Merger as part of its Red Hat Diaries. In this letter, Gil Amelio promises to continue to develop and enhance WebObjects and to provide cross-platform support for QuickTime. He looked forward to WebObjects running on Power Macs in short order.

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