Survey gives more Google phone clues?

Yes, this would be pretty easy to fake -- and even if it's real, it's just a survey, which means it's sorta fake by design -- but a questionnaire allegedly received by a Mobileburn forum member hints at specs and a rather fascinating concept design for Google's probably-in-the-works cellphone. Everything seems believable enough, though it seems like they flip-open QWERTY keypad could be a bit tricky to access from the right side thanks to the permanently-affixed nav buttons; features are said to include 3G data, WiFi, and a 2 megapixel camera, not to mention a rather striking Samsung-penned chassis. Typical test-marketing survey mumbo jumbo suggests that the phone would offer "all the exciting Google services from the PC" and -- thanks largely to targeted advertising -- affordable (as it's been suggested) flat-rate data service and a three-month trial. Could it be that Apple's going to see a legitimate competitor in the "pretty, giant-screened cellphone with tight Google integration" market right out of the gate (and with 3G, no less)?