Aedis Eclipse: Generations of Chaos screens

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|03.14.07

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Aedis Eclipse: Generations of Chaos screens

The first Generations of Chaos game for PSP seemed good when I bought it, but the lacking tutorial made it difficult for me to really progress. Hopefully Aedis Eclipse: Generations of Chaos will do a better job of informing the gamer how to play the game. The key idea of this game seems to be that you play a main character and story in three different worlds and get those different perspectives on the war and universe. I love tactics games, so I want nothing more than for it to be worthwhile. In the meantime there are some screens to view.

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Wheelchair Fighter 2007: unSPOKEn Hatred

This guy must shop at the same fetish shop as me.

He would regret speaking the incantation to summon the armadillo crab camera creatures.

Every game should have screaming action cut-in panels.

Head to Gamespot to see the rest of the screens.

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