Treasure Island Z: new pirate adventure from Capcom

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Treasure Island Z: new pirate adventure from Capcom
This week's Famitsu unearths a new game that appears to be basically like treasure: a new Wii adventure game from Capcom, called Treasure Island Z, that is about pirates. Players use the Wiimote to solve riddles and puzzles as they search for riches and improve their standing among pirates. The scan reveals a cartoony graphic style and what look like animated cutscenes.

This thing is like a nexus of good news. We don't know how anything could actually turn out as cool as the sum of these parts (pirate adventure games have a lot to live up to, as do Capcom adventure games) but we're hoping that Capcom and director Eiichirou Sasaki (who previously worked on the Resident Evil Outbreak games) are up to the task. Check out the scan after the plank break!
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