Death by elevator

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.15.07

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Death by elevator
Don't lie now. Darksavior on Norgannon does a humility check: raise your hand if you've been killed by the Undercity elevator.

*Raises hand.* For some reason, my characters are particularly suicidal. Or maybe just accident prone.

And it's not just UC-- Azeroth is filled with crazy death contraptions. Have you died jumping off the Zepplin, or falling down off of Thunder Bluff (or that elevator)? I died once by walking off the top of one of those plateaus in Thousand Needles, and once by falling into Un'Goro crater. I even died in the Gnomeregan elevator, and a friend and I jumped off of the Stonewrought Dam just for fun (although that time, I think we lived because we fell in the water). I'm pretty sure that, way back on the first time I ever played this game, I even died (maybe even for the first time) by jumping off that tall tower in the Night Elf starting area.

And Outland is no exception-- have you jumped off of Outland yet? I have. I don't think the elevator in the Mechanar has killed anyone, but there are a few good drops in Nagrand, and the drop off of Hellfire Citadel is trouble. And if you didn't finally buy your flying mount at 70, fly up as high as you could, and unsummon it just to see if you could summon it again on the way back down, you're a better man than I am. What other ignoble deaths have you suffered from-- or should I say strangely enjoyed?
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