Eleven year olds sing badly about video games

Horrible songs sung by horrible singers are nothing new in the realm of internet video. So we weren't too surprised when we stumbled across the off-key ramblings of Black Out, a trio of eleven year olds that blithely warble about their love of video games in the appropriately titled "Video Games." Still, the group's shaky singing and absolutely inane lyrics bring bad internet music videos to new heights. "Game Cube, X-Box, Play Station 2 / Know all about them as soon as they are new." So... you knew about them six year ago? When you were five?

What really got us about this teeny-bopper act, though, was the breathless press release trying to sell them and their song as a new wave in music. Apparently, according to the release, this awful song "elicits laughter and nods of recognition each time a new crowd hears it - from kids as well as their forty to fifty-something parents." We'd like to meet these people and ask them what sort of blunt force trauma they suffered to derive enjoyment from this claptrap.

Misery loves company, so check out the high-pitched squeaking for yourself after the jump. Don't say we didn't warn you, though.