Firmware updates, backwards compatibility, 20GB models, oh my!

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|03.15.07

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Firmware updates, backwards compatibility, 20GB models, oh my!
David Karraker spoke with Joystiq recently about all those things listed up there in the subject line. We're going to summarize, since that's what we do best. Maybe not best, but we do excel at it among other things.

  • Karraker responds to allegations that Sony is trying to remove the 20GB model PS3: "The 20GB model of PS3 is available in North America, along with the 60GB model. While we make it available to retailers, they are the ones who ultimately place the order for what they want to sell, based on consumer demand. Overwhelmingly, retailers have been requesting the 60GB model, the mix has been about 80 percent 60GB, 20 percent 20GB retailer orders. So, the reason you might not be seeing the 20 GB is simply that retailers have been ordering more of the 60 GB unit." So... blame retailers, not Sony? Hmm.
  • Backwards compatibility issues... especially regarding software emulation. Without a firmware update, that's not going to be possible, comprende? Karraker says a compatibility list will be released March 23rd, along with the big firmware update we've all been waiting for. So if you've read any articles saying how awful the backwards compatibility is -- it's because you need the damn update first, so relax. It's coming. According to David Karraker.

There you have it. If anyone's been wondering where in the heck that rumored March 8th update went, it's going to appear on March 23rd. We'd love to hear how the compatibility works on your PS2 games, European readers, once that update is released!

[via Joystiq]
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