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Silverbrook Research claims 2 pages / second "memjet" inkjet invention

Silverbrook Research claims 2 pages / second "memjet" inkjet invention
Conrad Quilty-Harper
Conrad Quilty-Harper|March 18, 2007 1:03 PM
Previous examples have taught us that when a company that has never produced a single product claims that it's going to turn the printer industry on its head, it's right to approach the company with caution. Nevertheless, Silverbrook Research, an Australian company that has over 1,400 patents to its name, is claiming that it is finally ready to reveal its "Memjet" inkjet printer technology after ten years of research. The technology -- which supposedly uses a printhead that spans the width of an A4 page -- will be detailed in a paper by a marketing research firm later next week, but get this: it'll cost you $2,995 to access it. Wait, it gets better: accompanying the news is a blurry video of a box feeding out pages at a rate of a page every couple of seconds. If we ignore this dodgy presentation, there's at least one "innovation" that Silverbrook is promising that could be met by any other printer manufacturer overnight: a relatively reasonable ink cost of 50ml for under $20. In fact, screw the advanced printer tech: someone create a printer that uses cheaper ink per milliliter than a bottle of 1985 vintage Dom Perignon and we'll buy it (the ink, that is).

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