Thomson gets experimental with TV and radio-enhanced VoIP phones

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Thomson gets experimental with TV and radio-enhanced VoIP phones
The words "Thomson" and "experimental" don't usually see much of each other, but the company is exploring a few new angles for its burgeoning VoIP lineup, and seems to have come up with a couple of interesting hybrids. The T2700 is a DECT phone with a fancy looking base station and a few hidden qualities. In addition to the usual VoIP duties, the phone can become a stereo loudspeaker for internet radio, and boasts of "HD sound" with enhanced bass and treble over your usual phone audio quality. Next up is an unnamed device (pictured) that seems positioned to compete with Nokia's N800, including an 800 x 480 touchscreen, internet browsing and a USB webcam for videoconferencing, with the main thrust of IPTV over WiFi or the use of a digital TV tuner via USB. Thomson is also sending its GE InfoLink RSS reader phone to Europe and announcing a video watermarking chip for set-top boxes. Unfortunately, we don't have the greatest pics of either of these phone devices, but we'll keep an eye out.

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