Fanswag: Alien Hominid HD Giveaway

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|03.20.07

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Fanswag: Alien Hominid HD Giveaway

Alien Hominid HD
graced our Xbox 360s a few weeks ago creating a man-crush between us and that little yellow alien. But what are fanboys to do to live out our daily Alien Hominid fantasies? Maybe a nifty tshirt or a limited edition figurine set would help, but how does one get such exciting items?

Well, our good friends over at The Behemoth (Alien Hominid's daddy) were kind enough to send us some goodies. Why? Because they like you and because yesterday they launched their leaderboard trophy giveaway and want to spread the alien love. We'll be giving out a total of four prizes this week running from Wednesday through Friday. Wondering how you're supposed to win? Every day the contest will be different, so be prepared for pretty much anything. The giveaways start tomorrow, so prepare yourself by analyzing the prize breakdown below.
  • Wednesday's Prize: Alien Hominid tshirt XL
  • Thursday's Prize: Alien Hominid tshirts XL and L
  • Friday's Prize: Autographed Alien Hominid figurine set
Click here for Official Contest Rules

Thanks again to The Behemoth for donating the sweet prizes. And be sure to check out their Alien Hominid HD leaderboard giveaway to try and win one of their shiny trophies.

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