Cellphones are dangerous/not dangerous, baby daddy edition

Brian White
B. White|03.21.07

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Cellphones are dangerous/not dangerous, baby daddy edition
Dudes, if you're into cellphone carryin' on that belt or anywhere else in that -- ahem -- vacinity, you'd better watch out if you plan on being a proud pop in the future. Research by the Cleveland Clinic concludes that men in a study who used a wireless phone for more than four hours per day had the biggest drop in fertility. Are those electromagnetic waves really to blame here? There are studies that show cellular radiation does indeed heat up human tissue, but the level is so low that any health impact is non-existent or negligible. Still, we're going to start keeping those phones on the counter or desk and cuddle up for a nice conversation with that trusty Bluetooth headset from now on.

[Via textually.org]
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