Metareview: TMNT

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Metareview: TMNT
Many of us undoubtedly grew up with these turtles. We probably had their comics, loved to watch the cartoon and maybe even owned the sewer playset with all of the figures (Rat King was our favorite villain to fight in there). With such a massive following years ago, the turtles now look to return and capture a brand new audience.

And, with the new movie that aims to do this, there are undoubtedly going to be game tie-ins. With Ubisoft at the helm, we thought the game would be in good hands and get the justice it deserved, perhaps allowing us to relive, if only for a few hours, those wonderful days we enjoyed in our adolescence. Looks like that won't be happening, according to the critics:
  • IGN (55/100) says the game needs improvements: "It's certainly not terrible and the rhythmic jumping action has some fun and energy, but the fact remains that the game just ends up feeling inconsistent due to sloppy storytelling and, more importantly, an absolutely awful fighting engine."
  • Nintendo Power (55/100) thinks the game isn't worth the effort: "Success gives you a feeling of accomplishment, but the path is paved with frustration." [Apr 2007, p.87]
  • Video Game Talk (50/100) finds the game a waste of time: "The single player campaign is incredibly short and offers little replay value due to its relative ease. The multi-card multiplayer mode is an average extra, but I doubt folks will sit around to compete for the best times on those odd, jump-laden levels. This is a decent DS title once it hits the $10 bargain bin, but leave it on the retail shelf for now."
Have any of you picked this up and care to provide some insight on the game? Or are you waiting to nab a copy (probably on the Wii, based on this Metareview?) at the Nintendo World Store this weekend?
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