Apple TV review, and geek details

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|03.23.07

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Scott McNulty
March 23, 2007 10:00 AM
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Apple TV review, and geek details
I am sure some of you are thinking, 'Enough with the Apple TV already,' but considering that even Scoble likes it, I think some more coverage is in order. Two Apple TV links worthy of your attention have come across NetNewsWire. First off, our iPod loving friends over at iLounge list the top ten geek details about the Apple TV (I'm a geek, are you?). The list includes:
  • The 40 gig harddrive only has 33 gigs available for your use
  • Some H.264 videos won't play on the Apple TV
  • The Apple Remote does not control the volume (you have to use your TV/Receiver remote)
PC Magazine has given the Apple TV 4 out of 5... circles, which rates it as 'Very Good.' Interestingly Apple told PC Mag of the video codecs supported by Apple TV 'If it plays on your iPod, it should play on Apple TV, BUT if it plays in iTunes, it doesn't necessarily play on Apple TV.'
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