Motorola's MOTOTRBO does up walkie talkies all fancy like

Call 'em "digital two-way radio systems" all you like, we know you still want to shout codified field instructions to harried troops with 'em, no matter how many frills Motorola packs into its glorified walkie talkies. The all-in-one MOTOTRBO radios combine a two-way radio with local area text messaging, which does away with the delays and inconsistencies of cellular networks for good ol' industrial grade communications. The MOTOTRBO tech is dual-mode, so it'll work with new digital gear and older analog radios, and the system includes portable and mobile handsets, a repeater, data apps and other accessories to help businesses deploy MOTOTRBO at their own pace. Of course, this is enterprise stuff, so none of this is much to look at, but for the organizations that rely on this type of stuff, we're sure Motorola will be glad to take their monies and set 'em up right.