Talisman M UUV is a mine killer

From robots working in deep space to unmanned underwater vehicles patrolling the deep blue sea: military and aerospace contractor BAE Systems has just announced its latest aquatic bot, the Talisman M, which is capable of locating and killing mines without any operator intervention. The size of a small car, Talisman can operate at depths as low as 150 meters and turn a full 360 degrees thanks to its vectorable thrust pods; although it can be controlled from on board a ship, the M is just as happy wandering around on its own and bringing the pain with its so-called 'Archerfish Single Shot Mine Neutraliser.' Best of all, the British-based BAE engineers have added a little something extra in light of current events: the task-minded UUV will emit a heartfelt apology if it's ever caught encroaching on sovereign Iranian waters.

[Via The Register]