The battle continues: firmware 3.30 decrypted

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Andrew Yoon
March 31st, 2007
The battle continues: firmware 3.30 decrypted
Once again, Team C+D has decrypted Sony's latest firmware. Although this doesn't provide anything tangible for end users, this is a crucial first step in creating new custom firmware. While the decryption was expected, the poem written by the team was not:

3.30 Decrypter!
* From Team Create+Destroy.. *

Some thought we failed - or had disappeared,
But $ony beware - your last hour is near.
In spite protections and multiple locks,
In spite busy lifes and - unwashed - socks,
For you to enjoy but for $ony to fear,
3.30 decrypter is ready, so cheer!

Why do these people seem to hate Sony? They've made an impressive piece of hardware for us to enjoy, yet somehow that's seen as an evil thing? Regardless, 3.30 has been decrypted: feel free to celebrate/mourn in however way you choose.

[Via DCEmu]
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