PlayStation 3 barred from UK prisons

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PlayStation 3 barred from UK prisons
British prison just got a whole lot more hostile as prisoners are barred from having PS3s. Home Secretary John Reid banned the console because it can "send and receive radio signals." Of course, Britain loves the PS3 more than any other console, so it makes sense to only ban the PS3 and not the Wii, DS or PSP, which also have Wi-Fi. Spending a little extra the Xbox 360 can add the capability as well.

It's so sad when felons have things snatched from them. We now wait to see if other consoles who use "radio signals" will also be banned from British prisons or if it's all just PlayStation hate. It must be nice to have a prison system where an issue like this comes up. In an American prison someone would file the Sixaxis into a shiv and motion control that into a fellow prisoner's soft parts.

[via PS3 Fanboy]
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