April Fool's Alert #7: Bungie announces Pimps on Film

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Chronic pranksters Bungie Studios launched into their April Fool's Day jokes in their usual manner. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ("No, not at all," he said.)

From Bungie.net we have a "leaked" poster from the upcoming Pimps at Sea movie. Little is known about the film except what we are given on the poster. Michael Bay will direct the film, which based on the novel by Sylvia Plath based on a screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Alex Garland. Allen Murray, Ron Booth, K. Jong Il and Allan Peter Parson will produce, while Shane Kim, Peter Moore, Ron Howard and Jon Travolta will executive produce. The film stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, Damon Wayans, Pam Grier and David Scully; Martin O'Donnell will provide the music and Beyonce Knowles will be lending her voice to the song "Yo-ho-ho." It will be rated R. Like we said, very little bit is known about the project.

Also found were early drafts of the screenplay with notes intended for Microsoft's eyes only. "You can run, bitch, but I'll have what's owed before this day is done. Or I ain't the pimp my mama raised!"
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